About Us
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About Us


Teodora Centre for the Disabled was established in 2007 as a non-profitable company. We function as a workshop for disabled individuals (we prefer the term differently abled), who can not function in the performance pressured mainstream market and have no opportunity of obtaining work (or a life) outside their homes.


The main purpose of the Centre is to create a safe and enjoyable environment where these individuals can feel at ease among their fellow differently abled fiends and develop their skills to the optimum without the stress and anxiety of having to compete and ‘perform’. This is achieved with the help of special people equipped with the required skills, patience and compassion. At the Centre these differently abled individuals (or workers) can build a sense of belonging and self worth through the companionship of fellow workers and the items that they create, whether in part or in full. They receive a monthly compensation as “salary” (which is paid into their own bank accounts) of which they are extremely proud even though the amount is small. For them it proves that they are earning a living and can function as productive members of society.