Teodora Centre for the Disabled | Participation & Education
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Participation & Education


Once a month an interesting activity is presented to our workers.  The following have already been part of these activities:


  • Demonstration and participation of fruit and vegetable decorations for a party platter.
  • Demonstration on how to decorate different sizes and shapes of candle.
  • Crochet lessons with the different stitches and how to make certain items
  • Visits to Craft Expo’s like Hobby-X and SARCDA and shops so that they can see what the market trends are.
  • Life skill demonstration on how to care for and treat hands and nails.
  • Cake decorating, card making, pewter work, knitting with looms and weaving
  • Visit to Design Team’s workshop to see how screen printing on material is done
  • Working with modelling clay
  • Have a sing along with an artist or dance with senior dance class (“Dancing Divas”)