Latest News & Events
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Latest News & Events

Teodora Centre for the Disabled hosts the Gifts 4 U Market

Teodora Centre for the Disabled is proud to host the Gifts 4U market 3 times per year.  The next (Spring) market will take place 29 – 31 Aug 2019 and the Christmas market will take place 28 – 30 Nov 2019.  Venue and times : 10:00 – 16:00 at the Crafty Corner, 433 David Langley Street, Garsfontein. Save these dates – we are working very hard on beautiful products for the market.  Hope to see you there!  For more details on the event, please visit our event page by CLICKING HERE

Spring Fair Birmingham, United Kingdom 04-08 February 2018

Teodora is proud of the invitation by the Department of Trade (the DTI) and the Tshwane Economic Development Agency (TEDA) to form part of the Spring Fair. Thanks to them!! We are sure that we will keep our country’s name high and show the world what can be achieved where love and care is given. May our products speak louder than words.

View the photo gallery – CLICK HERE

Night to shine

This is an International celebration for disabled people to enjoy Prom Night.  This February it was our privilege to be part of the “Night to shine” South Africa based event which was held in 11 countries on the same date.  All the workers were invited, and it was a magical night for them.  There were stalls where their hair and makeup were done, a limousine drive as well as a red-carpet walk.  There were professional videographers and photographers who captured this memorable event on film for them and the world to celebrate.  Every individual that was there was crowned king or queen of the night.  What a lovely evening which humbled every ‘able’ person who had the opportunity to be part of this!