Teodora Centre for the Disabled | General Facts & Results
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General Facts & Results


Teodora strive to develop the talents and capabilities that these individuals have. Provide new skills and interaction with the aim to enrich their lives for them to reach their full potential and even beyond what anyone ever thought were capable of.  They create different items which are of such an excellent quality that these items are sold at their own Teodora Crafty Centre Craft as well as other related markets.


These items include beadwork to manufacture the newest trend jewellery, items for a dinner table such as wine glass ornaments, weights for tablecloths and many more.  Woodwork, mosaic and needlework are but a few examples of crafting skills they have acquired that led to the expanding of their product list.


The three markets that Teodora Centre host are:

  • Gift4U – Mother’s Day Market
  • Gift4U – August Market
  • Gift4U – Christmas Market


Teodora created these markets to invite the public into the centre to spend some time with the workers and see for themselves what can be achieved.  With ever growing support the public shows appreciation for the workers by purchasing products at a very affordable price tag.


During this year we had about 3000 visitors during the nine days of our markets and have sold our own manufactured products with great pride and joy. Teodora invited 35 other similar entities to exhibit and sell their products at our market. This has created a society of togetherness among all participants and have developed new ideas and support for each other.


We have exhibited and sold products at the following markets:

  • Pathways Market
  • Crafters Fair – Christmas Market