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The workers participate in a large range of activities such as:

  • preparing a light meal with the supervision of one of the personnel
  • making coffee and tea
  • setting the table, cleaning, as well as washing dishes
  • personal hygiene
  • reading, writing and other needed life skills.


The working activities include:

  • handcrafts such as beading
  • knitting and crochet
  • painting
  • card making etc.


Every now and then an interesting activity is presented to our workers.  The following have already been part of these activities:


  1. Demonstration and participation of fruit and vegetable decorations for a party platter.
  2. Demonstration on how to decorate different sizes and shapes of candle.
  3. Crochet lessons with the different stitches and how to make certain items
  4. Visits to Craft Expo’s like Hobby-X and SARCDA and shops so that they can see what the market trends are.
  5. Life skill demonstration on how to care for and treat hands and nails.
  6. Cake decorating, card making, pewter work, knitting with looms and weaving
  7. Visit to Design Team’s workshop to see how screen printing on material is done
  8. Working with modelling clay


We also do out of Centre activities to show appreciation for their hard work and achievements. Workers and personnel vote on what they would like to do and we have enjoyed:


  1. Ten-pin bowling with a lunch.
  2. Visit to Farm Inn where they were treated with breakfast and a game drive.
  3. Gauteng train ride to Rosebank with coffee at Star Bucks and lunch at Mikes Kitchen.
  4. Trip to Hartbeespoort dam, which included a cable car ride, lunch at French Toast Restaurant and a drive over the dam wall.
  5. Going to the cinema with a cold drink and popcorn and lunch afterwards.